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Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy for the Spine
By Karen Grace

Everything in the body vibrates, all at its own special frequency. This is a scientific fact. When we are thrown out of balance through physical, emotional or psychic shocks, parts of our bodies and psyche can weaken or overload, creating distorted and unbalanced vibrations. The Chinese have known this for centuries, and the recognition of this over concentration or lack of energy is the basis for the traditional healing art of Acupuncture and the more recently, Kinesiology.

Through the pioneering work of auditory psychic Sharry Edwards, Vibrational Sound therapy (called BioAcoustics in America) has been developed. Low frequency sound waves (generally below 50hz) are fed back to the body via the brain and re-mind the body where it has become out of balance, what the original healthy frequency was.

Through analysing the frequencies of the voice recorded in conversation via a specially adapted tuner and computer program, a holographic picture of health and wellbeing can be constructed. Like pictures of the eyes are read as in Iridology, the collection of notes and frequencies that are spoken most habitually in a person's voice contain a sonic reflection of their health, state of mind and emotions.

On a graph, the main frequencies the voice uses can be seen, and where the missing or overloaded frequencies are. When we are ill or out of sorts, these vibrations become weakened, over stimulated or distorted, affecting us on many levels of being. When this affects our spine, for example, the whole of the nervous system is affected, including the organs connected to the area of the spine that is out of balance.

When the low frequency sound waves that you most need are played back to you, they balance these peaks and troughs to bring the mind and body back to a harmonious state. In this state, the healing can take place. The sound waves are actually vibrating the areas where the energy has become low or distorted, reminding the brain and body of the healthy vibration that was originally there before the problem began.

Through the research of Sharry Edwards and others the vibrational frequencies of the muscles and the spine have been established. Although we all vary greatly in size and shape, it has been found that the notes/related colours along the spine remain the same for all people, with sometimes minor differences in frequency, but we are talking hundredths of a hertz which is undetectable to most ears. Theo Gimbel has done a lot of work in this area using colour and shape to heal(read Form Sound Colour and Healing, by Theo Gimbel).

The Spine CD
The Spine CD contains the 12 major frequencies for the spine, incorporating all the notes of the Western scale as we know it. If you could see it in colour you would see the colours of the rainbow. The top of the spine, C1 starts as F Sharp and is the pigment colour of green. The colours move down the scale as do the notes. The notes of the spine stretch over two and a half musical octaves, which, interestingly enough, is usually the average vocal range of an untrained singer. See below for an example of the frequencies of the spine. One of these notes given as a brain wave frequency might be, for example 16.00 hertz.

The neck and shoulders (Cervical Spine C1 C7) is associated with face, head, scalp, ears, pituitary gland, brain, eyes, sinuses, jaw, nose, mouth, Eustachian tube, vocal cords, neck, throat, shoulders, elbows. Issues can be confusion, negative self views, refusal to see, resentment, taking on too much, accepting blame, ridicule, resistance, out of balance, difficulty in communication and speaking up for oneself, a weight on one's shoulders.

The notes that correlate are C1 = F Sharp = Green; C2 = F = Olive Green; C3 = E = Yellow; C4 = D Sharp = Gold; C5 = D = Orange; C6 = C Sharp = Coral; C7 = B = Magenta. (In her book, Heal Your Life, Louise Hay explains the relationship of the spine to the areas of our body and also how misalignments are connected to our state of mind and feelings.)

The CD can be used as a general tonic for the spine, mind and body by listening to it in its entirety. If you know the area of your spine that is giving you trouble, e.g. neck and shoulders, or T5, or lower back, L1 etc, you can listen repeatedly to one or several frequencies in the trouble spot. The sounds are best listened to under good quality headphones on a CD Walkman while you are resting or doing quiet activity.

The frequencies are given in opposing pairs. Each pair of frequencies gives off secondary frequencies, or harmonics, giving a rich tapestry of four major notes, which interestingly also vibrate specific muscles and sometimes nutrients that are connected to or that affect the movement of the spine in that area. Sometimes the harmonics can be as powerful as the given notes.

The music
Accompanying the frequencies for the spine are extracts from music recorded by 'The Colour Project', music inspired by the colours of the rainbow. This is a joint recording partnership between singer songwriter Karen Grace and musician Steve Baker, who also played and recorded the music for Dr Linda Long's 'Music of the Body' CD (Molecular Music.) This includes enchanting music in the correct key for the vertebrae, some with singing and words inspired by coloured light and connected to some of the thoughts and feelings associated with the associated notes and colours.

The law of octaves
The notes that we are not producing effectively within our bodies are very hard to produce by the voice, and the voice generally seems to avoid hitting on these notes unless the person is in stress or pushed outside of their natural comfort zones. With the correct questioning, a person can be made to sound their notes with their speaking voice. This 'shock' factor that brings in the missing vibrations connects in with the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and others.

The teachings speak of the existence of the 'Law of Octaves', connecting everything manifest in the universe, from an activity we may be doing, to the relationships of the planets to each other, to how our food is digested and how our impressions in life are received. (Expounded clearly in 'In Search of the Miraculous' by P.D. Ouspensky ).

During the scale 'Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do' that we all know, there are two places where the gaps between the notes are notably smaller. These smaller intervals or semitones are places that we get stuck and where our free flowing octave comes to a standstill - until some other energy, 'conscious shock' or accidental event is added.

These gaps are between Mi and Fa and Ti and Do. It is further explained that this law affects all of our actions and internal manifestations including our attempts at 're-membering' or awakening ourselves to who we really are. To pull us out of our sleep, it is not enough to just wish it, but intentional shocks must be placed when we arrive at these intervals or we get stuck and spiral back down the scale, get side-tracked, fail to achieve our aims etc.

Then we get the feeling we are mechanically repeating patterns in our life, just like a stuck vinyl record. These shocks can come in many forms including accidental events, conscious attempts at awakening through meditation or inner struggle to overcome habitual sleep. Better nutrition, a phone call, all kinds of things can be shocks, it's just that we usually dont recognise we need them or even remember that we need them.

Vibrational Sound Therapy
Vibrational Sound Therapy works by placing the vibration of the note most needed to fix the broken record. Listening to your sounds can propel your state of mind and health forward where before you have been stuck and unable to move. It can help bring to light the repressed memories and emotions that originally caused the dis-ease, as well as providing the much needed frequency to balance the muscles, the spine and the functions in the body to help it return to a healthier more vibrant state.

There is a connection between Vibrational Sound, the musical scale, and astrology. The Do Re Mi So Fa La Ti Do that we all know, is actually a mathematical formula that came from the major planets in our solar system. Pythagoras and Keppler were among the first to discover and explore this musical octave of sound that the movements of our planets make.

From this astrological octave, we can find out the exact frequency of a birth note, and it can be given back to us in hertz at brain wave frequency level. Often people have some kind of emotional response when they first hear their birth note, especially if it is indicated as 'low' or 'high' in their voice chart. The birth notes of a parent or of 'significant others' can also help provide therapeutic healing, especially when nursing old hurts from the past.

If you would like a copy of the Spine CD please contact Karen Grace via her website at www.karen-grace.com You can also go to the 'Therapy' section to find out what note of the musical scale and what colour your birth note is.