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Plant Bio Signatures

Plant Bio Signatures - Florachology®
By Colin Kingshott

In the evolutionary plan flowers are the very essence and highest concentration of the life force of the plant. Flowers are states of consciousness and fragrance is the soul's expression. Essences prepared from flowers are used to imprint our own energy fields with the etheric matrix of the flower, or its consciousness.

We have found in our research that the electrical signals of plants can be converted into sound and we have been recording these plant sounds for some nine years. From these recordings we have been able to create a Plant Sound Library. Each plant has a certain melody and a soul note that is a unique signature related to that species of plant. One could describe it as an individual fingerprint for example:

Melody C.D.E.F.G.A.B.
Soul Tone G
Auric Colour Pale Blue

Melody C.D.E.F.G.A.B.
Soul Tone B
Auric Colour Dark Blue

Melody C.D.F.G.A.
Soul Tone G
Auric Colour Pale Blue

Melody C.D.E.F.A.B.
Soul Tone D
Auric Colour Orange

Each species of plant produces an abundance of vibrations at a particular time of the day, every day. These vibrations move out from the plant in concentric circles massaging the ethers of the landscape. So for instance at 10 a.m. the spotted orchid emits it vibrations, as do all the other spotted orchids. At 12a.m. the self heal plant emits its vibrations so forming many intertwining patterns on the landscape that are extremely healing.

How do these sounds help us?

We incorporate these plant sounds into natural essences, perfumes, auric and room sprays and natural cosmetics. By combining these sound signatures with the vibrations from bio-crystals we have monitored the many interactions that occur and calculated the complementary components to give a healing combination with the plant sounds, crystals and naturally coloured liquids. Our ongoing research is continually looking into new plant signatures from flowers, leaves, trees, fungi, seashells and seaweeds and their impact on the human bio-energy field or aura.

At Florachology®, we have developed a machine that reads the voice from the sounds a person emits and also shows which chakra and part of the aura is out of balance. We use melodies from our Plant Sound Library to create the sounds that are missing from the persons voice so creating a healing event.

We have also developed a range of fungi essences from the Fly Agaric to the Puff Ball fungi. These essences are based upon the Laws of Correspondences, the fungi have a particular shape and colour that indicates the working of an intelligence.

The fungi essences have been encapsulated into a vehicle of water using sound, sacred geometry and as many fungi are poisonous, we are trialling their energetics transfer using laser technology. Please note there are no intrusive substances of the fungi within the essences only each individual signature combined with alcohol and water.

Every cell in our bodies is a resonator and has the capacity to respond to any stimuli outside of it. The human form is a bio electrical system that can be altered, strengthened and balanced through the use of essences for example, working with the lymphatic system, they can create a balance to the electrolytic salts which in turn will bring a greater sense of well-being to the individual.

When we ingest a flower essence they tend to follow a specific pathway through our physical and bio energy field. They are absorbed by our bloodstream and nervous system. It is here we see the essences having a direct impact on our conscious state and from here into the meridians where the consciousness or life force of the essence meets the bio energy field. Essences can also be used to enter the body via the aura and chakra energy systems.

What next?

Plant sound based cosmetics, tree perfumes and auric sprays will in time become familiar tools to help us create our own inner natural harmonies. The next time you walk through a field of flowers or a shady wood take time to stop and recognise you are walking through melodies and harmonies of a wonderful cacophony of healing sounds! From nature for the nature of mankind.

Colin Kingshott is the owner and managing director of Florachology® and his background is in vibrational energetics, crystallography, and researching plant energies, innovative perfumes and natural cosmetics. For further information visit the website at www.silvercord-essences.co.uk or email info@silvercord-essences.co.uk © Florachology® 2005. All rights reserved.