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Sound Vibrations

Sound Vibrations

We are often unaware of the significance of sound in our daily lives. Constant bombardment from all sides by a seemingly endless number and variety of sounds is part of our complex and increasingly technological civilization.

Sound is the manifestation and projection of the three dimensional reality. It is a major contributing factor to the orientation and focus of our present state of conscious awareness.

The principal difference between the undirected, random and distracting sounds of daily life and directed esoteric sound is that the latter produces synthesis and harmony instead of dissonance. Esoteric sound, employed in the presence of quiet solitude and thoughtful introspection, is a major factor in achieving higher levels of conscious awareness...

The vibratory effects of sound have definite physical manifestations. It has been demonstrated experimentally that different frequency sounds produce different geometric patterns or designs. The classic example of this is the geometric design produced by the sound of an instrument playing in close proximity to a thin layer of sand on a surface like a drumhead.

As the frequency of sound is varied, the design varies. This quite vividly points out that vibratory effects of sound can produce a definite rearrangement in physical properties, though admittedly, this is an oversimplification of the effects of esoteric sound on the physical, feeling-emotional and mental bodies.

When this principle is applied with esoteric sound, some interesting manifestations result. For example, when one learns to produce harmonious sound vibrations and mentally direct them inwardly toward the physical body centers, a rearrangement for balancing and centering is acquired which permits greater and more effective energy flow. Harmonious sound vibrations shatter rigid patterns in the radiant bodies. This can be noticeably disruptive but necessary to bring about a centering of focus and a new orientation.

Another example of the effects of sound healing is a law of physics which states that when sound vibrations are projected on an object of the same natural frequency as the projected sound, the object will begin to vibrate in sympathy with that sound.

At this point, the object and sound are said to be in resonance. A simple, but rather profound, analogy here is that if one may produce a sound which is on the same natural frequency as the soul vibration, there will be a transfer of soul energy.

In fact, such a transfer does occur when individuals are able to produce their own personal sound. The pitch of your speaking voice is you natural sound frequency. However it should be noted that, for most, efficient use of esoteric sound techniques comes through persistent practice with conscious awareness and living what needs to be experienced

This is an extract from 'The Harmonics of Sound, Color & Vibration, A System for Self-Awareness and Soul Evolution' written by Elias DeMohan and published by Devorss Publications.