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Crystal Singing Bowls

By Anoosh Liddell

The Ancients used the healing power of sound in chant and song and developed music through the invention of early tools such as shakers, rattles and drums. These tools were further perfected and became the vast array of musical instruments we know today.

When sound waves come into contact with our bodies they cause an internal vibration which affects the movement pattern of our cells. Initially, the vibration is picked up by our nervous system and the change in movement is reported to the brain. The brain then communicates back, causing an alteration in our emotional mood which in turn harmonises and rebalances our internal energies.

Today we can use tools that have been specifically designed to create an energetic balance within: Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowls and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to name a few. The Crystal Singing bowls are made from pure powdered quartz crystals which are heated to several thousand degrees. The heating integrates the individual particles of the quartz powder and a bowl is formed. They are then individually tuned to a specific musical note.

When two or more Crystal Bowls are sounded together, the sound waves emitted weave and mingle with each other to form beautiful flowing harmonics. These harmonics surround us and the vibrations will have different effects on different people depending what is happening in their lives. The sound penetrates and flows to the area of the body it is most needed which could be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

In therapy, the healing tones of the Quartz Crystal Bowls are mainly used to help the body re-balance and harmonise the Aura and the internal energy flow of the chakra and meridian systems. You can also use the bowls to create vibrational essences from crystals, herbs, flowers and colour.

In making an essence, the sound emitted by the bowl encourages an energy release from the crystal or herb and this vibration is encoded in the water creating a unique pattern. We are then able to ingest these vibrations which help the body to heal naturally by gently encouraging it to return to its original healthy energetic vibration.

Anoosh Liddell is a full-time practising holistic healthcare practitioner and for over ten years has worked with the healing disciplines of aromatherapy, reflexology, sound, colour and Reiki healing energy. She is also a Reiki Master and teacher. Anoosh holds sound healing workshops in Watford, Herts. Email for further information  anooshliddell@hotmail.com Alternatively you can telephone Anoosh on 01923 460036.