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Healing Workshops

As a Reiki practitioner a person does not heal others. A practitioner gives their  permission to be used as a channel for the Reiki healing energy. This energy is then used by the receiver's body or mind in accordance with their greatest and most appropriate need. The higher self can use the Reiki healing energy for the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.

All of us have universal life force energy, which is essential for health and life. And all of us have some amount of healing energy coming through our hands. When you receive the Reiki atunements your level of vibration is raised to enable you to receive and respond to a greater flow of universal life force energy. This is permanent and will also assist you in your personal transformation. You can channel Reiki healing energy to yourself, family, friends, pets plus lots more.

Reiki Level 1
This is a two day workshop covering an introduction to the history of Reiki healing energy, the five precepts and kanji hand positions. You will learn how to give yourself and others a Reiki healing treatment and how to take a case study. You will gain an insight into the major energy centres or chakras, their association with and the importance of colour vibrations. This workshop includes three attunements, a comprehensive manual and you will need to complete 4 case studies.

Reiki Level II
You will have completed Reiki Level I and corresponding case studies before enrolling on this workshop which includes healing symbols and mantras, chakra balancing, crystal healing webs and distance healing. You will experience the scanning technique and a colour meditation. This workshop includes two attunements,a comprehensive manual and you will be required to complete 4 case studies.

Frances is a Reiki practitioner and teacher at the Bushey Practice in Magpie Hall Road, Bushey Heath, Frances can tailor training for both individuals and small groups in Bushey and Watford, Herts. For more information please call Frances on 01923 674050 .