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The word clairvoyance is derived from the French 'clear seeing' and is used to describe the 'seeing' from the Third Eye of the higher mind based near the pituitary gland. This gift can be developed by the use of meditation in its various forms, usually with eyes closed and in a quiet environment, or with other people involved in a circle (not a literal circle, but a group of people) drawing energy from, and being given images by Spirit.

Genuine mediums use this method of communication which should not be confused with the psychic abilities that are sometimes displayed by some who call themselves mediums. An example of working on a psychic level in its simplest form would be when you dream about someone and the next day they phone you, or you are on a train or in a room and you have clear thoughts and messages about a stranger you have just met, almost like an inner voice telling you things.

The images received through clairvoyance can be factual with a literal meaning or symbolic with the need for interpretation. The word clairvoyance is also used as a general term for all of the information received from spirit. However there are two other means of communication which are used - clairaudience - hearing sounds and spoken words, and clairsentience - the feelings and emotions of the subject, which are drawn from the Solar Plexus.

In a successful reading details from the sitter's past are almost always presented giving facts that they can themselves verify immediately, or can then be verified by relatives or friends. Mention can also be made concerning the person's present situation, for example family matters or even things about their home or possessions and even pets. I would say that most people who visit a clairvoyant, apart from those who want to contact a loved one, are interested in what may lie ahead.

I was asked to give readings to a group of people in Northolt and came to a lady in her middle to late thirties. She had been trying for a number of years to conceive and had reached the stage of wanting to try IVF treatment having experienced more than one miscarriage. The infants she had lost were shown to me at the ages they would have reached at the time of the reading.

As she sat in front of me I could see around her a glowing white light and I was aware that she had recently conceived. I told her that she would give birth to a boy who would be quite large. She was unaware of this and was quite shocked to discover it in view of her intention to pursue the IVF treatment. A few months later she confirmed through a mutual friend that she was indeed pregnant. She went on to have her beautiful boy and reported later that she was extremely happy.

In a private reading I was visited by a young lady, again in her thirties, who had suffered two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. I administered Spiritual Healing to her and afterwards, at her request, gave her a reading. Again it was shown that this lady would conceive very soon. Details of the sex, weight and personality were given. About two months later she was able to confirm the pregnancy. The baby was born slightly early and a little under weight, but perfectly healthy. It was a boy, as was stated.

In my own family the birth of my first granddaughter was shown clairvoyantly in a dream state being handed to me by a nun. The appearance of the baby was very detailed and vivid. She was big and of mixed race with a shock of dark hair and brown eyes. At the time I could not understand why I was being shown this and was a little confused. About a month later I had the same vision with a different nun. I then realised that a baby was coming to someone close to me. On waking I knew that it was for my daughter. At this point she had not conceived and I did not confide the details to anyone.

I watched my daughter closely for several weeks and saw the same white glow around her. I asked my daughter if she was pregnant and she said she was not. I asked her to go to the doctors for a check up and she was surprised to be told that she was indeed expecting. She gave birth to a large baby girl of mixed race, with brown eyes and a shock of black hair.

These are some examples of how a reading can provide detailed information for the receiver. There are many ways we can experience developing our clairvoyant and psychic abilities. A guided meditation is a good place to start and will help you to focus and clear your mind allowing it to be open and receptive to receiving.

Carol Ward and Sophie Garner facilitate one day workshops on Psychic Development and Spiritual Awareness in and around the Herts area. For workshop details please either call Sophie on 01442 211470 or email

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