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Optimum Health

Light and colour for optimum health

By Kathleen Ginn

Light from the sun is perceived as white light and it is the refraction of this light that we see as visible light, or what we more commonly know as colour. Can science validate any of the above practices? Yes it can. Scientists in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and the USA have been able to demonstrate that:

The cells within our body store light energy  although there is a difference of opinion as to where it is stored

  • The cells within our body use light as a means of communication
  • The cells with our body naturally carry out photo-repair daily
  • Cells which become diseased block and transmute different light frequencies
  • Damaged cells illuminated with certain light frequencies were rejuvenated while healthy cells showed no reaction

For instance, in Russia, Switzerland and Germany there is plenty of research to show that light can change the metabolic rate of a cell and that a healthy cell will allow natural and coloured light to pass through without change. It has been found that diseased cells are unable to allow natural or coloured light to pass through effectively and the light is changed into a dense mass and different frequency.

Dr Fritz-Albert Popp, a famous physicist, has spent a lifetime researching how the body utilizes light and his research indicates that the body stores light (like a plant) and this light energy is used for cellular communication. Research at the Necker Hospital in Paris and Universities in Korea has been able to demonstrate 'the body electric' by mapping out the acupuncture points and discovering the histology of the meridians, thus lending weigh to why the exercise systems from the East are known to be effective in strengthening the immune system and promoting health and well-being.

Photodynamic Therapy uses light to stimulate the proplyrins in haemoglobin and is used to treat cancerous cells alongside a photosensitive chemical known as Photofrin. Quantum physics talks about all mater being frozen light and only just last year scientists were talking about 'space' being filled with luminiferous ether (i.e. light).

The use of light is being experienced in eye surgery and at the dentist. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is experienced by many people within this country and the traditional treatment is a light box with daylight simulated bulbs. Migraines and pre-menstral syndrome (PMS) have also been successfully treated with light through a tool known as the LightMask.

Today there is much research showing that the coloured pigments found in foods contains many disease fighters and that there is a symbiotic relationship between chlorophyll and haemoglobin (there is a valid reason for eating your greens!) For example, Harvard University found that the natural dye from tomatoes helps to ward off prostate cancer and the yellow in corn helps to prevent macular degeneration after 65 years of age.

One of the most interesting coincidences is that the thymus gland, which plays a role in boosting the immune system, is said in Eastern tradition to be turquoise in colour. Zinc is turquoise in colour and plays a large part in boosting the immune system also. In the Hygeia method of light and colour healing, turquoise is the colour recommended for boosting immunity.

This is an extract from an article by Kathleen Ginn that was originally published in issue 80 of Positive Health, September 2002. The full article and references can be found at www.positivehealth.com