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Colour Light Therapy

Colour and Light Therapy
By Charaka Satyam

Light is life. Without light, foods would not grow, flowers would not bloom and the life of animals and man would simply disappear. Sunshine raises jour spirits and quite literally lights up our lives. But perhaps we take light too much for granted; people are often surprised that  light contains a direct and powerful healing energy. That wasn't always so.

Throughout history, many cultures have used colour energy as a healing modality. The Ancient Egyptians used rooms lighted with specific colours in the treatment of disease, as well as coloured gemstones placed on specific points on the body. The Tibetans to this day use medicine made up of different coloured gemstones. In India, water is charge with particular colours known to affect certain organs and then drunk to bring about healing.

Colour Light Therapy is largely inspired by research, originally created by naturopath, Peter Mandel, from Germany. Sarita Newman worked closely alongside Peter Mandel for many years and is responsible for the integration of emotional release, hypnosis dialoguing, and dream work into the colour work. Dialoguing opens up a path from the subconscious to the conscious and can bring about a spontaneous healing in many cases.

What is Colour Light Therapy?
It is a method quite similar to acupuncture. Instead of using needles to stimulate the flow of chi, a light pen with a choice of 11 slim glass rods of different colours is used. The coloured light is applied to the skin on specific points, similar to the points on the acupuncture meridians.

Recent scientific research has demonstrated that the cells of the body naturally communicate through the frequency of light. Each coloured light carries a particular frequency message, which the cells throughout the body can easily absorb and transmit to facilitate balance and health. As the healing message is received, whatever the cause of the disharmony is released. In this way the person begins remembering and resonating with their natural capacity or health and wellbeing. It is a method, which is gentle, profoundly effective and easy to learn.

It can be used to treat physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual issues, such as fear, sadness, hormonal imbalance, general daily health care, detoxification and stress reduction. A person can receive a specific series covering an area, for example prenatal treatments, male/female balancing, cleansing and balancing of the body's organs, sexual healing, clearing traumas, holographic healing for cancer and many more.

It releases negativity and disharmony and brings balance and health. Charaka says: Healing happens when memories of past traumas, held in our cells, influencing ht way we respond, physically and psychologically to events in the present, are cleaned. People begin to return to their original nature and start living in tune with their light essence. This healing method can also be successfully combined with other therapies such as hands on healing, massage, shiatsu and can even work alongside allopathic medicine.

Methods of Diagnosis
There are many methods used in Colour Light Therapy, from finger testing of the person's history or main issue in their life right now. One method that can be used is Kirlian photography, which is a picture of the energetic emission of the individual in that moment.

Developed toward the end of the 19th century, Kirlian photography is a technique of capturing on film the otherwise invisible energy emissions radiated by all living things. The resulting photograph is a unique snapshot of the energetic state of that person. Pictures can be taken before and after the treatment. Changes seen in a person s picture after a treatment indicate how they have responded to the treatment and where to go in the next session.

About the Author
Charaka Satyam is a Colour Light Practitioner and teacher. She has practised extensively for 20 years and has spent many years as an apprentice to Sarita Newman who learned directly from Peter Mandel. She is also a Reiki Master, Holistic Body Worker, Tachyon and Thermie Practitioner. She can be contacted on charadasatyam@hotmail.com

This article was originally published in Positive Health Issue 99 May 2004 and you can view the full article at the website www.positivehealth.com