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Colour Astrology


Colour Astrology 

Colour Vibration and the Zodiac Signs
By Susanne Murphy

Scorpio - Green/Blue (Turquoise)
21 October - 20 November
Scorpio is the energy connected to the thymus chakra. This centre is about expressing one's heartfelt thoughts. Speaking one's truth on an emotional level can be difficult and if the Scorpion feels confronted with challenges they have the ability to repress. This is the energy that creates opportunities for a change. The turquoise colour is the energy that uplifts the energies of your lower chakras into the higher centres thus allowing movement of optimum energy flow.

The purpose of the turquoise energy is to help express emotions with conviction and without trying to please others. Use turquoise to help build up your immune system and remove toxic waste in the body. Turquoise is known to decrease congestion and essential oils that reflect the turquoise hue include tea tree, thyme and Clary sage. Any of the oceans plants such as seaweed, algae or kelp also belong to this energy vibration. Wear gemstones of turquoise including aquamarine and tourmaline to empower your thymus chakra!

Sagittarius - Blue
21 November - 20 December
Sagittarius is the communicator; however it is what one says that matters not necessarily what one knows. Blue is the energy that connects to higher dimensions and translates information from the spiritual realm into our physical world. And it is this wisdom that the Sagittarian understands, but only when they are in complete balance.

Blue is the energy that connects to the throat., The lesson for the Sagittarius person is to learn how to speak their inner truth. Aromatherapy oils that correlate to blue are geranium, chamomile, peppermint, mint or cypress. Energise your throat with a cup of herbal tea or eat blue foods including blueberries, plums, blackberries, asparagus and fish. Soothe yourself in a blue colour bath or wear blue gemstones including sodalite, lapiz lazuli or blue agate. Nurture yourself and use blue to relax after a hectic day.

Capricorn - Indigo
21 December - 20 January
Capricorn is a mystery sign possessing profound insights. In its indigo energy emerge the secrets of the midnight sky and the universe as well as the glory of the supernatural. People born under this sign of the indigo ray are empathetic and quite connected to their innate intuition.

This birth sign is concerned with the unseen and spiritual illumination... to help others understand the true significance of their soul's existence. Indigo is the energy of the reformist.

When unbalanced indigo can drive up into deep depressions. On an energetic level, indigo helps us to understand and see things from new perspectives. In indigo lives the understanding of the life process - the meaning of one's life. Physically, indigo gives energy to the Brow chakra and the pineal gland, increasing sleep and dream activity. Indigo also helps to dispel nightmares. It calms the nerves but stimulates the senses of sight, smell and hearing. Ideal for meditation and strengthening intuition and psychic abilities.

Aquarius - Violet
21 January - 20 February
Aquarians have a spiritualising mind and can be quite connected to their creative and inventive violet energy. It is the birthright of one whose consciousness is in contact with the new and undiscovered truths. Aquarians promote group work and are good at uniting people together for humanitarian or spiritual causes. They believe in the ideal of oneness of the whole and wholeness in the one. Aquarians are visionaries, but they have to remember to stay grounded.

Violet is the energy of our top chakra - the crown centre - and reflects the energy of knowingness and spiritual connection. It is the energy of our belief system and focuses on working for a higher purpose. Use the violet energy to create and manifest new beginnings. A positive violet energy makes things happen! Violet accesses the universal energy, which then gives us a creative flow of energy for new ideas and it nourishes artistic talent and inspiration. This calming and beautiful colour is also known to help with insomnia, headaches and eczema. Violet is an anti-bacterial cleanser and ideal for skin rashes or burns.

Violet energy is also present in lavender and jasmine essential oils; Valerian and vervain herbs; eggplant, plums, kale, broccoli and purple grapes. Crystals vibrant in violet energy include amethyst and Clear Quartz crystal and they are associated with the higher energies as they open us to the heavens, our higher self and the universal life force.

Pisces - Magenta
21 February - 20 March
The Piscean person is effective in both body and spirit connection. They often feel that they have a mission to help others and they do this without wanting anything in return. People born in this zodiac period have the tendency to be actively involved in many causes. Pisceans have the presence of red's fires as well as the violet's visions. They can be very successful in tasks that combine both their zest for life and humanitarian issues; however, if they only work at satisfying their own pleasures they will feel a lack of inner guidance.

The magenta energy is associated with awakening your heavenly links that are beyond the physical earth and will help promote a deeper self-confidence through self identity, giving a willingness in you to serve mankind in altruistic ways.
There are not many natural things in magenta although a raspberry juice is close and magenta clothing will help you to absorb the vibration.

Aries - Red
21 March - 20 April
Aries are dynamic people with an abundance of vitality and they like to help the weak. The keynote of Aries is activity, manifesting of the material plane in their ambition, initiative, creativeness; on the higher plane as spiritual adventuring pioneers searching for a better world for all humanity.

When unbalanced, Aries can be demanding and neglect their emotional needs. Use the red energy to give you physical strength and endurance. This energy is found in many foods such as tomatoes, cranberries, beets and cherries. You can place a red gemstone for example, tigers eye or red jasper in your pocket or use essential oils that vibrate on a red frequency including ylang ylang, sandalwood, juniper or even take a red bath. Boost your vitality with some red power today!

Taurus - Red/Orange
21 April - 20 May
Taurus are strong minded individuals who are incredible at overcoming any hurdles. They are the most powerful of all the earth signs and therefore very connected to earthly materials. The keynote of Taurus is 'I love' and their life journey is often to transmute the love of personal possessions in to a self-sacrificing service.

The function of our red/orange energy is to learn to equally integrate both our physical and emotional bodies. Red is the energy of passion; whereas the orange energy is your sensing abilities. This energy is found in blood oranges and coral gemstones. You can also combine juice of beetroot, carrots and red apples.

Gemini - Orange
21 May - 20 June
Gemini is the sign of duality and the energy that represents opposite polarities. As the sign of the twins it signifies the present phase of evolution. The Gemini energy can be very persistent and enthusiastic and it has the ability to think outside of the box. However, when it is unbalanced it can be very demanding and act childish.

The function of our orange energy is to find the harmony in our creative, feeling and sensing. This can be accomplished by allowing the feminine energy to be expressed. Orange is cheerful, spontaneous, and playful. Carnelian is good for releasing negative energy within. Alternatively, use neroli to promote an invigorating aroma or wear orange colour therapy glasses to help you see the world more positively and joyfully.

Cancer - Orange/Yellow
21 June - 20 July
People born under the sign of Cancer are very mentally creative. They understand the relationship between their emotions at any given moment and incoming information. Cancer has a strong 'felt' sense of what is right. Judgement is usually based on a gut feeling that a certain direction is best. The orange/yellow person is never boring, as s/he can be both knowledgeable and at the same time very entertaining. The nature of Cancer is to uplift others and share innovative ideas.

Leo - Yellow
21 July - 20 August
Leo is all about the yellow ray. They love to learn and are curious by nature. They want to know how everything works and why. Leo's are governed by their mind power and can tend to hide their emotions. The adverse aspect is repressing or denying true feelings and inner thoughts. Overall, the person is strong and independent and enjoys teaching others about life and interests.

The purpose of the yellow is to become more compassionate and understanding, especially towards the self. Take time to purify the body, mind and spirit with a yellow Colour Bath first thing in the morning. Try adding a fresh lemon slice to your drinking water. You can also burn rosemary, bergamot or rosemary oils in a room as they are known to help aid digestion and help the body release toxic waste. Yellow music to awaken the mind would be Tibetan bells or crystal bowl music. Yellow glasses have also been shown to help with long distance driving!

Virgo - Yellow/Green
21 August - 20 September
Virgo's strength is its adaptability to new things as well as their ability t discover the new. Fresh new thoughts make the Virgo a valuable team player and they are great supporters because they have clarity of mind combined with their passionate and giving nature. When unbalanced they struggle will be to trust their heart and what they really feel with what they rationalise as being the so-called right thing to do.

The lime (yellow/green) energy helps to release toxins within the body as well as in the thoughts. When one is lacking the ability to change or if a person has too many negative thoughts, the yellow/green vibration helps to shift stuck energy and support the mind to think more positively. Burn rosemary and eucalyptus to create a mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually balancing blend and green and yellow foods will also aid the digestive system.

Libra - Green
21 September - 20 October
Libra is the balancer and green is the energy of the heart chakra and harmony. Those who are born under the sign of Libra are known to be peacemakers. 'Green' people are the ones that you can go to when you have a problem as they are the most compassionate of all the astrological signs.

Green is the energy of love and emotions. However, of all the colours, 'green' has the most trouble saying 'no'. The lesson for the Libra person is building up their confidence. You could use any of the following:

Aromatherapy oils that correlate to green are eucalyptus, pine, cedar wood. Herbs that vibrate on the green ray include sage and hyssop. How about a cup of green tea? Green foods are easy with beans, lettuce, peas, cucumber, avocados etc. A walk in nature is not only grounding but also feeds your body lots of green energy. Nurture yourself in a green Colour Bath to ease tired bones or stiff muscles. Wear, carry or meditate with green gemstones like aventurine, emerald, malachite or jade. Give yourself the love you deserve.

The purpose of the orange/yellow energy is to face life's conflicts head on and deal with one's financial responsibilities. Relax in a peach colour bath and support the deep release of toxins. You could also burn bergamot and orange oil for a nice uplifting blend. Lighter coloured foods such as apricots, peaches, cantaloupes and yam are filled with yellow/orange energy.