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Energy Portraits

Energy Portraits
Mel Housden

The Universal Life Force has many ways of communicating messages to our inner self in a manner that will aid us in a better understanding of ourselves and our life's purpose. I have been given an opportunity to paint 'Energy Portraits'.

The inspiration came about during a psychic reading for a client and wanting to take it a step further, I decided to describe in paint exactly how I saw that person's energetic body or self. I used the colour, texture and flow of paint to translate the feeling of the person's natural essence or 'soul'.

So rather like a traditional figurative portrait it identifies the client - but instead of the surface image - it actually reveals their hidden core energy pattern. The intention is primarily to give people the opportunity to see their soul mirrored to them from the canvas and bring them a sense of joy and well-being whenever they connect with the picture.

This is a continuation of what happens in a psychic reading, in the way that information is 'downloaded' and imparted to individuals in order to further enhance their being for their highest good. Through this process a person may connect more fully with their higher self or inner guidance. It is always a delight and an honour to sit with spirit and direct readings, only now I have the added ability to combine it with a passion for paint.

One example of how a client feels about these portraits: "I commissioned Melanie to paint me an energy portrait. I was presented with a large canvas and when it was uncovered I was speechless and overwhelmed. It was like looking into the mirror of your soul ... a completely different experience to see an image of the real you ... and not just what you portray to other people. It was an emotional experience of wonder, joy, amazement and serenity. I often sit in front of my energy portrait, just to find some peace and to find my centre." Caitriona Kenny

This particular painting was such a wonderful experience for me. Although it took several months to accomplish, when it was finally completed, the energy emanating from the canvas was tremendous. Caitriona wept when her energy portrait was unveiled and it obviously resonated deeply within her. Other pieces have been surprising in different ways: one was simply angelic, and this was the vibration, which echoed back through the paint. So whenever you gaze at the art, it literally does lift your spirits!

I am also working on how colour energy impacts the senses, something I have been playing with for years. Each colour having it's own resonate frequency can be used to calming and healing effect. My technique is similar to channelling, in that I make way for the painting to emerge. The paint acts rather like a birth canal (sounds strange I know, but this is what it is like bringing real art into the world!)

There are times when I cannot remember what on earth happened during the time when paint is transformed on the canvas. My awareness of time was lost, you might argue that I was 'self actualised' when this happens. To lose all sense of time and space and purely to become a vessel, operating at full potential, firing on all cylinders. I am hoping that I can now expand this gift to more people who would like to have their inner peaceful portrait painted-or soul mirrored.

To check out her creations and up and coming pictures visit www.melart.co.uk Alternatively if you would be interested in your own energy portrait, you can email Mel at and she will get back to you on her return.

Copyright Mel Housden. All rights reserved.