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Using Crystals

Using Crystals
by Hazel Raven

The one thing we can be sure of is that we all have a right to use the crystal energies in whatever way is appropriate for us. The New Age movement has seen thousands of people drawn to the crystal energies; they have become part of a vast spiritual and environmental awakening. Crystals bring unconditional joy and beauty to our world. Like each human being, each one is a unique representation of God/Goddess and as such they should be treasured.

The crystal magic begins with each tetrahedral molecular unit of quartz oscillating at the same frequency. Therefore, in a single crystal there are millions of identically vibrating units. They are arranged in a helical pattern. Like-vibrational oscillating systems have an inherent momentum towards vibrating in unison. With crystals in general and quartz in particular, these conditions are maximised, throughout the matrix. When in a state of activated resonance, the crystal molecules vibrate and pulse in energy waves. The crystal body and terminations have distinctly different functions in the quartz matrix.

Basically, the body serves as a mixing chamber, inputting and formulating energy flow. The termination is where the focused energy flows out. In addition, there are significant amplification factors mainly occurring in the body, the specifics of which will depend on the sacred geometry of the crystal structure.

As a general rule, the larger the crystal and the greater the overall clarity, the higher will be the amplification. The inward slope of the six facets towards the tip will amplify and focus the energy. Very often when people use quartz crystal for some time they are ware of a laser-like beam projecting out of the tip of the quartz crystal as they are using it for healing, meditation etc.

The Cosmic Dance
The whole universe is a constant dance of energy. Everything vibrates with its own unique vibration or frequency. Crystals and gemstones have a special place in human evolution and healing. Crystals and gemstones work with the energy field of the human body. We all have a male/female polarity or balance within our bodies and when these two finely-tuned aspects are out of balance dis-ease occurs. With each breath we take we balance these two polarities.

Under Pressure
What goes wrong with this process, which allows illness to occur? When our organism is under stress, we do not breathe properly, or our breathing may become laboured or shallow; we may even hold our breath in fear, trauma or shock. Whatever causes our breathing to become irregular, stressed or erratic, the result is dis-ease. Other factors which we do have control over also come into play, such as poor air conditions, pollution, bad diet, stress, anger, wrong mental or emotional attitudes: the list is endless. The results are the same; we become ill or our natural balance is disturbed.

The ancients described the energy flows of Prana long the nadis, dhamani and sira. These energy channels control the flow of life force or Prana. As the energy flows, each cell is bathed in superior life force when the crystalline energies are applied. As the superior life forces bathes each cell, it wakes it up and floods it with powerful positive energy. Healing occurs as each cell vibrates at a higher frequency (Disease or sickness is a lower vibration, bringing ageing and eventually death).

The main nadis are: ida, pingala and susumna; other very important well-known ones are citra, gandhari, hastijihva, pusa, yasasvini, alambusa, kuhu, saasvati, varuni, visvodhari, payasvini, samkhini, kausiki, sura, raka, vijnana and kurma. Some nadis, dhamanis and siras will correspond to arteries, viens and capillaries of the circulatory and respiratory systems. They are also nerves, channels and ducts of the body. Others carry vital energy (Prana) to the mental body, intellectual energy (vijnana) to the intellectual body and spiritual energy to the causal or spiritual body (soul).

The terminating point of each nadi is to be found in cell, follicle or hair. They acts as inlets and outlets of the various energies which make up all the different bodies or layers. In all, 5.9 billion of them flow in the gross, subtle and causal bodies. We are full of nadis. By identifying the imbalance and applying the correct crystal or crystals we can immediately start the re-alignment process which will bring the body, soul and spirit back into perfection and balance.

Because crystal are multi-functional energy systems which work in many different ways, this has caused some confusion amongst the many people who have been drawn to use them for their healing and spiritual growth. They work with their color vibration or color therapy, structure (crystal system) or energy pattern, mineral composition (many mineral-forming substances have a vital function in the human body, vital to the formation of certain enzymes, which are substances that control and make the chemical processes in the body possible and guide them, thereby regulating our entire metabolism), growth conditions (birth or formation), vibration, sound? (yes there are people who hear the gemstone vibration) and inspiration (the X factor). Another way of using them is to make gem essences, which work on similar lines to flower or tree essences.

How Does it Work? - Colour Therapy
Colour, crystals, gemstones and light are ancient methods of intuitive natural healing. The first detail you will notice about a crystal or gemstone is indisputably its color. Colour plays a large part in our lives and whether we are aware of the effects or not it is an extremely powerful force. The colours that surround you can make you happy or sad, healthy or sick, tense or relaxed.

Crystals and gemstones (a gemstone is the naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral: there are more than 30 popular varieties and some com in more than one colour). obviously there are conveniently color-coded and at a very basic level of awareness e can use them in colour healing, by either choosing the appropriate colored stones which will rebalance our energy system, or by intuitively allowing ourselves to be drawn to the crystal or crystals that
attract us and holding or placing them in our environment.

Introducing Colour
Our bodies are aroused and energized by some colors, or calmed and relaxed by others. Colours can be healing - and they can make you agitated, depressed, suicidal or ill. The health of all our internal organs, the circulation of the blood, nervous, lymphatic and endocrine systems, in fact all the working of the body are constantly altered by the color vibrations to which we expose ourselves. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually color works on a deep level, changing our mood and our sense of well-being.

This is an extract from 'Crystal Healing, The Complete Practitioner's Guide' by Hazel Raven and is published by Raven & Co. www.raven.org.uk The book is available in the Soothing Minds online shop.

 Cleansing Crystals
When you buy or are given a new crystal it is best to cleanse it to remove any dirt or negative energy. If you use them for healing you should clean them before and after use to remove any residual vibrations from the stones.

The simplest way to clean your crystals is to put them under cold running water for as long as you feel is necessary to clean them (this may be only for a few seconds or a couple of minutes, you will intuitively know how long they need). Do be aware that some crystals should not be put in water, for example malachite and pyrite. Wipe your crystals with a clean cloth or put on a clean window sill to dry.

Alternatively if you have non acidic soil in your garden you can dig a hole and bury your crystals for cleansing. A minimum of 24 hours will allow your crystals to energise from the sun and moon, particularly if placed outside around the phase of the new moon.

If you have been attuned to Reiki you can also energise your crystals by giving them Reiki for a few minutes after they have been cleaned.

Personalise your crystals
Each quartz crystal has its own vibration and you can tune into this by holding it and sending a dedication. This could be quite short along the lines of ‘I dedicate this crystal to the well being of my highest good.’ You can of course choose a poem or particular saying that reflects your intention with the crystal.

If anyone else picks up or touches your crystals you will need to cleanse them and repeat your personalisation. When you have completed your chosen words finish the personalisation by thanking the Universal Life Force for your highest good.

After a while you may find that your particular crystal has served its purpose and you pass it on to someone else. You will find yourself being attracted to different crystals at different times although there may be one or two favourites that stay with you for a long time.