Colour Meditation

Colour Meditation
by Frances Watkins

Here is one of my meditations designed to help clear the chakra energy centres through the use of colour visualisation and create a sense of balance within. You can print out, read through a few times or alternatively, tape onto cassette so you can totally relax and listen to in your voice. The numbers in brackets refer to the number of breaths to allow for timing purposes. Enjoy.

Get yourself into a comfortable position with your back firm and upright, your feet squarely on the ground and your hands relaxed in your lap. Gently close your eyes and when you feel ready, take in three deep breaths to the count of four and on each 'in' breath, breathe in the thought of love and on each out breath let out the thought of peace to share with the world. So breathe in love to the count of 1,2,3, 4 and breather out peace to the count of 1, 2, 3, 4.

Now we are going to imagine that we have long strong roots growing out of our feet connecting us to the centre of the Earth so we remain grounded and aware of our experience in this physical body. You are going on a journey of colour and will have your own personal experience. If you don't know any of the flowers create one of your own in your minds eye of the same colour. You may receive a message in symbols, images, thoughts, smells, feelings, colours or even nothing at all. What is important is that you relax and allow your Higher Self to communicate with you. Enjoy.

It is a glorious summers day and you are walking down a small country lane. As you walk along you notice a particular gate leading to a field that is ablaze with colour. Take a good look at the gate, notice its shape and colour so that you will recognise it on the return journey. (5)

As you climb over the gate you see the red poppies that are common all over the countryside in spring. Feel the vibrant red entering at the bottom of your spine at your base chakra. Watch it move around the energy centre and note what shape it is. As you watch the poppy red in your base chakra feel that you are breathing in the red energy and letting go of past hurts and anger that may have been storing up in this area. Watch the colour moving in a circular motion filling this area with wonderful positive red energy. (5)

Now, looking around the field your eye catches a flush of orange marigolds glimmering in the brilliant sunshine. They are very striking and calling out to you. Take in the orange energy a little further up the spine and watch it move around the sacral centre; this is just below the naval. Look at the colour and again, notice what shade of orange it is and how it is moving. Be conscious of taking in the orange energy right down into your sacral centre and filling your innerself with joy. (5)

As you continue to walk in the field you feel the sun on your face and feel the golden yellow heat feed you with sunlight the giver of a sharp memory, wisdom and independence. Down at your feet, you are surrounded by hundreds of yellow buttercups gently nodding their golden reflections up to you. Focus on your Solar Plexus, this is the area just below your rib cage. Feel the yellow energy engulfing all the organs in this area particularly your digestive and liver organs and filling them all with vitality. (5)

Now gently listen to the sound of the grasses and flowers rustling in the gentle breeze and especially the wispy grasses of the meadow as you walk through. Can you hear anything else or notice any familiar smells here? Let the green energy envelop you and fill up your heart chakra with love. This is your time for receiving so stop here for a while and just notice what you see.(7)

Look up at the calming brilliant blue sky; there is not one single cloud insight! To your right, hidden among the grasses, you see butterflies resting on the most vibrant blue cornflowers. These are reflective of the throat chakra that is the energy centre for communication. Breathe in the blue energy into your throat, neck and shoulders and feel the energy revitalising this area of your body to help you communicate your truth to those around you. (5)

Looking around the field again there is a bush completely covered in plump blueberries ready for picking. Feast your eyes on the berries and feel the indigo energy move in and around your brow chakra. This is an inch above the centre of both eyebrows. Allow yourself to connect to the Universal Life force and accept whatever you see, feel, smell or think. If nothing comes to mind just relax and continue to breathe deeply. (5)

Then, you sense something moving behind you and as you turn around you see a majestic violet and white flag iris waving out to you from the fields edge. This striking bloom will give you lots of creative energy for inspiration and access to the higher realms. Soak up the wonderful violet and white light and fill your crown chakra. (5)

Weve been away for some while now and the sun is beginning to fade so it is time for us to begin our journey back to the gate. In your own time as you wander back through the field visit each of the flowers and imagine them closing their petals up for the evening starting with the violet and white flag iris. Just watch the petals close up and then walk over to the blueberries and in your minds eye see the leaves close in around the berries, then onto the cornflowers as they fold up, the grasses, the buttercups, the marigolds and the poppies. (5)

Now you can see your gate and as you approach it your Higher Self will have left you something that will be helpful to you in the coming weeks. When you have your gift be it a symbol, colour, image, object or word, thank the universe for sharing whatever messages you have received. Feel the red energy move through your legs and down to your feet where you still have those long and strong roots growing straight down into the centre of the earth. (5)

And when you are ready, become aware of your breath, bring yourself back into the room, relax the shoulders and gently open your eyes.

Make a mental note of the key things you felt, saw and the gift at the gate on the return journey. Think about the symbol or message and what this may mean to you in the weeks ahead.



Please do feel free to print out this meditation or even tape it for your own personal use. If you use it in print elsewhere would you kindly include an acknowledgement that the meditation is written by Frances Watkins and can be found on  website. Thank you.  All rights reserved.

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