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Crystal Healing

      By Jeanette Stein

Crystals are formed from various minerals and elements in many different combinations.  With this in mind, along with the fact that minerals are essential to our very being, and a deficiency of a mineral or minerals can lead to ill health or even death, it made sense to me that there must be health benefits to be gained from absorbing (at the very least) minerals from gemstones/ or crystals through the skin.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and is permeable allowing minute particles to be absorbed, be that for positive benefit or negative ill health. 

It is beyond the scope of my current knowledge or experience to measure the energetics of crystals, which must also contribute to the effect of the crystals healing.  It is reasonable to believe that the energies from crystals work in much the same manner as Bach flower or Bush flower remedies.  I have observed these remedies work quickly and effectively with babies and clients with mental health problems, and as such, am completely open to crystals working in a similar way.  Unfortunately, in the past, science has stated that there is nothing in energetic remedies, leading people to believe that there is no healing effect to be gained from them.  If these remedies were measured using physics there would most likely be a different result! 

My education in gemmology and natural therapies combined with a love of colour and gemstones has brought me to this interesting research.  The essential nature of minerals to our health and well being is well documented and researched.  I felt I had the knowledge to gather the information together on the healing properties of minerals, and therefore crystals, providing more evidence on the healing properties of crystals.  Here are my findings.

The need of someone very close to me inspired me to look at lepidolite and its qualities for healing.  As a result of this, lepidolite was the first stone that I researched.  

Lepidolite is a purple/pink gemstone which has a chemical composition of KLi2Al(Al, Si)3O10(F, OH)2, potassium lithium aluminium silicate hydroxide fluoride.  Lepidolite is mica with layers of lithium aluminium silicate sheets weakly bonded together with potassium ions.

Lepidolite is said to be useful for stress reduction, depression and despondency.  It is emotionally healing.  It stops obsessive thoughts and helps with insomnia.  It is said to stimulate the intellect and concentration helping by filtering out distractions.  Lepidolite is a calming stone to assist with sleep and emotional stress.  Lepidolite alleviates pains in the joints and nerves and helps detoxify the skin and connective tissue.

Lithium has been used on orthodox medicine for centuries, first for schizophrenia and later for mood disorders such as bipolar disorder (previously manic depression), mania and depression.  It has also been shown to assist with stress and anxiety.

Potassium works in harmony with sodium to help regulate fluid and electrolyte balance within the body.  The correct balance of minerals for fluid balance within and outside of the cells can effect every action of the body.  If the fluid balance is not correct for the cells to function effectively, how can the body as a whole be functioning well?  Potassium is an electrolyte that is a charged ion, enabling the conducting of electricity within our bodies. 

Electrical function is absolutely vital to our ongoing health and living.  A deficiency of potassium can lead to fluid retention, fatigue, muscle weakness and cramps.  Intestinal paralysis may also occur leading to bloating, pain and constipation.  If the deficiency is severe, it can lead to cardiac arrhythmias or death.  Potassium is supportive to the adrenal glands which, when a person is stressed, become over active initially, then impaired if stress is maintained too long.  A deficiency in potassium may also cause depression and mood changes.

Silica’s action within the body is to preserve calcium metabolism from distortion or loss.  Because of this action it tends to prevent nodes, spurs and calcium deposits around joints which tend to lead to arthritis.  It has the ability to reassimilate uric acid crystals from joints and bones into the blood stream for excretion.  Silica is required for various internal organs and healthy nerve sheaths.  It is also necessary for healthy nails and hair.  Silica has the action of allowing unexcreted toxins beneath the skin to be discharged through the skin.

Small amounts of naturally occurring fluoride immobilises calcium and magnesium, strengthens bones and hardens teeth.  It also increases wound healing.  This should not be confused with the addition of toxic industrial hexafluorosilic acid (a toxic industrial waste product) or sodium fluoride to drinking water.
Aluminium health benefits are not known.

The minerals that make up lepidolite can provide reasons for the physical healing benefits of the stone.  Lepidolite is said to have other attributes that are beyond the scope of my experience, but no less true.

Crystals and gemstones are available in many colours and combinations.  The colour in crystals is generally caused by minerals or colour centres within the stone.  Colours are made up of light waves consisting of different wave lengths and frequencies.  The colour of a crystal depends on the absorption of some wavelengths and reflection of others, allowing us to see a particular colour. Some stones can be changed in colour by heating or irradiating (either naturally or by man).

The colour of a crystal or gemstone brings an extra dimension of healing to it.  People tend to gravitate towards the colour they need at any given time.

Purple relates to self awareness and has a calming effect.  It has been used to balance the mind and allay fears easing mental and nervous disorders.  It can raise confidence, bring peace, ease shock and increase intuition.

Pink is emotionally soothing and calming.  It is gently warming and nurturing.   It lessens feelings of aggression and irritation helping us to feel loved and protected.  It may also help with despondency, vulnerability and oversensitivity.  It enables one to feel self love.

There are occasions where we can benefit from crystal and colour healing properties while also enjoying wearing a beautiful jewellery piece.A wedding is a good example of this; they can be joyous occasions and also bring considerable stress and anxiety to a bride. The crystals I’ve listed below are examples of calming gemstones perfect to be worn on such an occasion.
Aquamarine reduces stress and quiets the mind.
Ametrine clears stress and calms the mind.
Blue lace agate cooling and calming for peace of mind.
Blue tiger eye is calming and releases stress.
Lapis lazuli quickly releases stress and brings peace.
Kyanite dispels stress and frustration.
Amethyst brings calm and focus to the mind.
Beryl (pink, yellow, green, blue or colourless) relieves stress and calms the mind.

Not only will the crystals enhance the beauty of the bride, but also support her through a special occasion in a more calm and relaxed manner. 
For an extra bonus, most of the stones listed are blue (something blue for the traditional wedding).  Blue is also a very calming colour.

There are many gemstones that can be used in this way; it is a matter of which one you feel drawn to.

What a blessing to be able to feel the healing properties of crystals while enjoying wearing them in a beautiful piece of jewellery. Jeanette creates jewellery with this focus, and is happy to help find a perfect piece to suit the occasion or situation. Some of her jewellery can be seen on the  website www.jameliadesigns.wetpaint.com  Jeanette Stein has a Diploma of Herbal Medicine, is a Registered Nurse and a Graduate Gemmologist. Jeanette is also writing a book on crystal healing and if you have any questions you can email her at

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