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Revitalising the System

By Jack Angelo

We are surrounded by the energies of the universal energy field, though we are not often aware of them. From a previous position of unconscious processor, you can consciously work with the energies to bring balance and healing into your life and into the lives of those around you.

Before beginning any process of rebalancing or revitalizing, it is necessary to clear the mixture of energies that are already present in the system. In our daily dealing with other people, we cannot always avoid absorbing various energies from them into our own energy field. Some may be beneficial, but others are not. We also absorb energies from buildings, places, even the chairs and seats we sit on. Our thoughts and emotions add further energy components to the aura.

Energies are absorbed according to the level of our development so that any healer or sensitive person will absorb much in one day. It is necessary therefore to clear the energy field to ensure sound sleep and to prepare us for the following day.

Clearing exercises include T'he Sphere of Protection':

On the in-breath, breathe up a bright golden light and surround yourself with a sphere of gold on the out-breath. This is an energy of strength and protection. It allows positive vibrations into your aura, but prevents negative ones from entering.

Use this exercise at the end of the day or at anytime when you feel the need for protection. It should always be remembered that none of these exercises precludes a prayer for protection to your Guardian Angel, God or the source of Love, or to those forces which you feel are looking after you.

However, people who are channelling energies, such as healers, will wish to take responsibility for their action as part of their soul's growth and maturity. If you are going to encourage others to take responsibilty you will need to develop that same sense of responsibility to yourself and your work with the energies.

This is an edited extract from Jack Angelo's book Your Healing Power published by Piatkus books and costs £13.99