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Magic of Minerals

By Jeanette Stein

Have you ever wondered if there was a logical explanation for why crystals heal? I know I have. As a naturopathic herbalist and gemmologist I found myself in a delightful position to find an explanation as to why crystals heal. 
Crystals are formed by various combinations of minerals/elements, essential to our very being. While learning about crystallography, it occurred to me that there must be health benefits to be gained by absorbing minerals through the skin, the largest organ of the body.
Nutrition is a modality that is accepted world wide. We know we need nutrition but do we understand the nutritional properties of the minerals within crystals? Most people are aware of quartz crystal, It is considered to be a master healer and improves communication, concentration and memory. It is balancing, aids the immune system and helps to heal burns.
The mineral silicon is essential to good communication. It ensures the health of the nerve sheaths so that the nerve impulses throughout the body arrive in good order at their intended destination. Imagine having a thought in your head, starting to speak and losing what you were going to say – this is a good example of a nerve impulse getting lost. 

Silicon aids concentration and memory, and ensures the correct action happens within the immune system. Quartz has been shown to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. For this reason, quartz is used in crystal radios, LCD’s and many electronic gadgets. Quartz is so useful that it was synthetically produced for World War II’s electronic/communication devices. Quartz is an excellent transporter of communications.
Quartz is only one of the crystals that will show easily how the mineralogical make up of the crystal contributes to its healing properties.
Jeanette's book,  Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing has a mineral nutrition section for easy understanding of which minerals you may need and a list of crystals with their chemical compositions. The crystals are listed alphabetically for ease of use and each listing contains chemical composition, a colour photograph, the healing properties of the crystal and an explanation of how its minerals contribute to the healing properties of the crystal.
The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing retails for $47AUD + postage.
For more information go to www.jeanettestein.webs.com or contact Jeanette at themagicofminerals@gmail.com 
Alternatively, look inside The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing at www.books.google.com