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LaStone Therapy

Relax with hot and cold stones
By Penny Hamilton

La Stone massage therapy uses traditional healing practices of the Native American Indians and this therapy was discovered by Mary Nelson of Tucson, Arizona in the United States some 12 years ago. The use of heated stones for therapeutic effect has been used by many cultures for hundreds of years: cowboys used to sleep on heated stones from the fire during those cold desert nights, and monks use a warm stone on the stomach to aid digestion.

What can La Stone therapy do for you?
There are many complaints that can be improved with thermo-therapy and aromatherapy: chronic pain, acute pain, skin conditions, stress, anxiety and panic attacks, injuries and fatigue.

What does La Stone therapy involve?
The warmed volcanic stones used are from Mexico and alternated with subtly cooled marble from Pakistan, both in massage and placement, to provide a warm cocoon of well-being. No two treatments are exactly the same, which is one of the joys of this therapy.

However, here are a few things you are likely to experience: A feeling familiar to laying on a beach on a warm summers day; the impression you are being massaged by several hands at once; your own blend of organic essential oils; alternating warm and cool silken stone massage movements; a thorough consultation and evaluation and, practical advice and help on any skin or body conditions.

How does it work?
The stones are water heated to a safe, yet effective temperature. They are rich in Iron, which helps them to absorb and transmit the heat from the water to your muscles. They are used in massage and placement on your body. The cool stones are introduced at various stages during the treatment. The increased blood supply to damaged areas facilitates faster healing. Cold reduces swelling and inflammation. The muscles are nourished by the increased blood supply. Toxins are removed through lymphatic stimulation. Relaxation is enhanced by the combination of nurturing warmth with massage.

After a treatment, client experiences vary from the effects of a massage. Generally you will feel a unique sense of both energy and relaxation. Any discomfort should be improved, and the desired results can last up to a fortnight. The treatment is powerful, more than it may feel, so you may enter what is termed as a 'healing crisis'. This is simply where your body is working overtime to remove any toxins and speed up its healing process.

The treatment may result in some side effects, for example, headaches, nausea, vivid dreams or an increase in emotions. This is unlikely to last long, and there is no cause for concern. However, if you have any worries, you should contact your practitioner.

It is advisable that for the rest of the day you avoid caffeine, alcohol, stress or extreme temperatures and try to drink a couple of glasses of water. Try to take it easy on yourself and relax.

This article has been written by Penny Hamilton who has seven years experience in the health and beauty industry. She trained at Champneys, has worked on the most prestigious cruise liners, and in a variety of salons, before training with the U.K founder of La Stone Therapy.

Penny works in Berkhamstead, Herts and you can call her to book an appointment on 07050 129821.