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Full Spectrum Light Essence

The essence made from full spectrum light (e.g. sunlight or artificial light sources with all the frequencies found in sunlight) has so many uses, I consider it nearly to be an essence generalist.

A generalist is any essence with such a wide range of action that it can be thought of an emergency, tonic, and general-all-'round helper. Examples of generalists are Bach's Rescue Remedy and Whole Energy Essences' Master Harmonizing Mixture. But Full Spectrum Light (FSL) has some additional talents which are worth exploring in more depth.

Saints Preserve Us!!
The question of how to preserve essences so they don't go bad has occupied essence makers, practitioners and users for years. The traditional method -- using alcohol -- is troublesome to many, especially those who have a difficult history with alcohol or who are sensitive to its properties. Another method -- using glycerine -- goes bad rather quickly and many dislike its somewhat slimy feel and sweet taste; it isn't used widely. Vinegar is another approach, but it can be a bit hard to take taste-wise. It is even more difficult to find essence makers who bottle in vinegar than it is for glycerine.

I mulled over the difficulty myself for a number of years, and when it came time to make the Whole Energy Esences, I was intuitively guided to make and use a FSL essence as their preservative. I understood it was to be "light" alone that would preserve the energy of the essences as well as to guard against physical intrusions (such as bacteria, etc).

The idea of "being kept in the Light" was very appealing to me and a good metaphor for the best that healthcare has to offer. FSL is now used in all the Whole Energy Essences as their sole preservative, making them alcohol free.

As a consumer and practitioner using both essences and homeopathy, I have found that their energies (both in the bottle and in the person) may be negated when exposed to a variety of energy sources. X-ray machines used to examine luggage in airports are a prime example. Airport personnel are rather puzzled by requests to hand-check essences and remedies.

In fact, I once seemed to have so alarmed and confused an airline employee with my questions about luggage exposure to X-rays that I found I had a security escort throughout the airport until I boarded my plane. My explanations about vibrational healing did not do a thing to assuage their concerns.

But once the FSL was added to the essences, all trips through airport xray machines have left the remedies unaffected. When diluting homeopathic remedies or other makers' essences, adding a few drops of FSL to the bottle means that they, too, make it through the airport unscathed.

I have found that bottles of Whole Energy Essences have not grown bacteria, gotten stale, or gone off taste when preserved only with FSL in the 7 years since its introduction. However, once a user contaminates the bottle (most commonly through touching the dropper to their mouth), it may grow bacteria if not refrigerated.

While Whole Energy Essences first developed this method of preservation, I have noticed some other essence makers using their own versions for similar purposes. This demonstrates to me how much the essence world is still developing and learning and growing and I say "Bully, for us!!"

The Right Light
FSL is made from the light of a very finely crafted full spectrum lightbulb. I used an artificial source instead of sunlight because the balance of the spectrum from the sun has become distorted due to pollution, ozone depletion, presence of artificial light sources, etc. Outdoor light is not the light we as organisms evolved under.

Given that it has been discovered that light effects our internal time clock, I theorize that a distorted sunlight spectrum may do distorted things to our biology. This is like having a bad stereo speaker, one which emits only some of the tones played by an orchestra - it might be music, but it certainly doesn't give the effect intended by the composer. FSL for some people can help them get the right stimuli from a balanced spectrum of sun-like light.

There are many implications to this idea. I first think of folks who are exposed to very little actual sunlight but instead get a steady diet of artificial light all day and evening. They therefore are not receiving a full range of stimuli from a wide variety of light frequencies.

In particular, the many people with sensitivities to florescent lighting (including those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, where the effect may be extreme and debilitating) lead me to think that light, like any form of nourishment, must be varied and full of ALL the right nutrients (frequencies) in order to promote good health.

Quantity of sunlight is an additional issue. In thinking about essences to help with symptoms arising from lack of sunlight, certainly the first one that comes to mind is FSL. This essence can give reminders of sunlight to both animals (human and otherwise) as well as to plants.

Gentle Amplification
The addition of FSL does more than protect the energies of the essences. It seems it gently but significantly amplify them, so they more readily address deeper levels of the user's being. Some methods by which essence energies become magnified can seem somewhat harsh, but the FSL always strikes me as harmonious and smooth.

I also find FSL, when used in conjunction with other therapies, may similarly enhance their effect or potency. This essence can of course be combined with other vibrational essences as well for a similar effect.
(Note: Full Spectrum Light essence is available bottled on its own)

About the Author: Deborah Bier, M.Ed. is co-editor of this publication and the founder of the World Wide Essence Society. She is the maker of Whole Energy Essences, fruit, flower, gem, Recovery, Full Moonlight and LifeStage essences.

She is an educator and holistic health care practitioner, and has a  practice in Concord, Massachusetts. Her experience includes energy work, psychotherapy, and essences. Deborah is an internationally-published writer on food, health, and healing. She is the author of The Encyclopedia of Vibrational Essences: Wellness and Growth from Nature. Visit her website at Whole Energy Essences