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Marcel Vogel

Vogel healing and meditation crystals

Marcel Vogel, IBM scientist and world renown metaphysician, devoted the latter part of his life to comprehending hidden truths, and in particular, the mysteries pertaining to crystals. Utilizing scientific methods and working with a host of volunteers he pioneered the field of crystal energies. 

Crystals are a special form of matter. Each crystal is a solid with a regular internal arrangement of atoms or molecules. Like all other 'living' things, crystals are 'born' from a seed and undergo growth processes in their formation. Marcel suggested that a crystal is truly alive only during its growth period or time of formation. When complete it leaves behind a solid body containing the essence of its inner expression. Although the crystal's  'life' ends after the crystal stops growing, its spirit or oversoul remains accessible within the geometric form it created, and is available for our use.

Crystals have been utilized by mankind throughout history, although particularly so in the past few hundred years. Just as different plants provide a variety of herbal essences, different crystals serve a myriad of functions. For example, some crystals are piezoelectric.

This means that crystals respond to changes in pressure by generating a electrical charge. Early record players took advantage of this. Their needles contained a piezoelectric crystal which responded to movements against grooves in a record to generate current. One place crystals are found today is in matchless lighters.

Marcel Vogel investigated the interaction of crystal energy with the so-called subtle or etheric forces within nature. He designed several useful tools capable of utilizing etheric and higher energies. These he constructed out of quartz or rock crystal.

The molecular structure of water as ice or in liquid crystalline form is fundamentally the same as that of quartz. Marcel found that information mentally impressed into quartz crystals could be transferred to water. The process was called 'charging water,' and once charged, the result was permanent and measurable. He found that charged water developed a new absorption band in the ultraviolet. This is like saying it changed color!

Marcel also found that when quartz is cut along the c-axis (the line of symmetry within the crystal perpendicular to all other aces) in the shape of the Kabalistic Tree of Life, it resonates to One frequency. It so happen the frequency, which turned out to be 454, is the same vibratory rate as he measured for water.

Therefore, Vogel-cut crystal are powerful instruments capable  of taking thought impressions and literally injecting them into the matrix of water. From this work Marcel developed three tools: the double terminated healing crystal, single terminated healing crystal and the Star of David crystal medallion.

The crystal device can be utilized in the directing of healing energy by impressing it with the desire and intention to do so. Although it seems like magic, actually it is more technological. The energy field created by the brain (a bioelectric organ) sets up subtle changes in the energy states within the crystal. This is similar to the 'observer effect' recognized by modern physics. As an amplifier, the crystal increases this effect to the point where water can accept the same changes.

Marcel Vogel demonstrated this in his laboratory. In a repeatedly performed experiment, he impressed the intention 'to remain pure' into a healing crystal. Marcel then injected this 'information' into fruit juice. He kept two uncovered glasses side-by-side, one treated in this manner and the other as a control.

Over a period of months he observed that the treated juice remained clear and fragrant; the control became cloudy, filled with mold and bacterial growth. In a similar manner, the intention to heal can be transferred through a crystal. The body, being mostly water, accept the charge immediately, often with dramatic results.

The understanding that crystal energy can be of positive use to humanity is a tremendous realization. The discovery of the mechanism behind this action is of even greater importance. Marcel Vogels work remains a milestone in this process. Just as electronic revolutionized physical life, future crystalonics will transform the inner life.

This extract is published with the kind permission of the Karin Kabalah Center. You can read more about the Kabalah at www.karinkabalahcenter.com