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EMF Balancing

EMF Balancing Technique

EMF (Electromagnetic Field ) is really different says Pamela Sinclair. It is the energy field that surrounds all living and non-living matter. It permeates the entire body and it creates patterns and fibres of light within this field unique to each individual. This is our energy anatomy -  the Universal Calibration Lattice.

The physical body has many systems within it, such as skeletal or circulatory, but they are all connected and work together; so to the energy body. Many of us are already familiar with some of these: the meridians and the energy centres (chakras), for example. There are also the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies and the Universal Lattice Calibration.

The originator of the EMF Technique is Peggy Phoenix Debra, who channelled this exciting new energy procedure in 1988. She now travels worldwide with her husband Steven Dubro teaching it to mixed groups of enthusiastic people.

The EMF Balancing Technique is the energy system designed to work with the UCL. This energy system in the energy body extends from the central core of the human body to a distance of about two feet out and around the body in an oval shape and is a network of interconnecting energy strands formed of golden fibres of light.

It is also our personal gateway to the energy of the cosmic lattice for example, whenever there is disharmony in our personal lives, the energy lattice is affected, restricting and causing disharmony in the energy flow of life energy.

The cosmic lattice is the energy of the universe. Sometimes now referred to as the field, it is everywhere and is the common denominator of the unified energy source. It passes through all matter and is available at all times. It responds to human consciousness and intent through a series of magnetic resonant frequencies and the UCL functions like a transformer stepping down universal energy into comfortable voltage for us to hold what EMF therapists refer to as rewiring for the new energy.

This way we can begin to receive and use more of the creative energy of the universe to co-create what we desire in our lives more effectively. With the lattice in place we can also begin to comfortably hold more and more of the higher vibrational frequencies that are now available to us.

The EMF Balancing Technique is a gentle non-invasive hands on and off the body therapy given with the client either lying down on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair wearing everyday clothing and draped in two metres of pure silk.

The EMF sessions comprise four individual graduating phases. Each phase opens and prepares the body and mind to receive higher frequencies of energy and light and prepares you for the next session. Once you have received all four phases, you can repeat any one of them at any time you feel the need. When a phase is repeated this increases and accelerates the personal well-being and growth process even more.

Phase One balances the head and heart, resulting in stress reduction and a sense of freedom, balance and well-being.

Phase Two gently releases cellular memory and negative or emotionally traumatic past experiences without the need to relive them. This gives a new sense of direction and confidence in life.

Phase Three awakens your spiritual intelligence and encourages new understanding, self worth and a sense of centredness and peace.

Phase Four empowers and energises you to move forwards in life. When a phase is repeated it increases and accelerates the personal growth process even more.

This article was written by Pamela Ann Sinclair and published in issue 48 of In Balance magazine at www.inbalancemagazine.com. Pamela practices EMF in Bishops Stortford, Hertford, Ware and Hitchin. You can email her at calmclair@ntlworld.com