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Human Energy Body

Starving Amidst Oceans of Energy
A very common saying is: "Where intention goes, energy flows." Although we cannot move a rock by staring at it, we can indeed influence energetic realities with intention because intention and thought and energy are of the same realm and are structurally designed to work with one another.

This process is natural and in action at all times; humans sometimes turn deliberately to trying to shape energetic realities with their intention for example in the act of prayer, spell casting, making a wish, or the more modern versions of affirmations, goal setting, visualization and so forth.

What has been forgotten, and this is proving to be perhaps a major cause for ill health and unhappiness amidst a well-fed, well-sheltered and well-supported population in the world today, is that our intention is interfering with energy exchanges all the time.

This is entirely unconscious; 'energy awareness' is restricted to the few in our societies who make an effort to find out more about energy healing, come into contact with the powers of the energy system because of ill health or perhaps because they were studying the martial arts.

We are indeed, energy beings amidst the Oceans of Energy. All we find in the universe, all life on Earth, and that includes human beings, is 'structurally designed' to process the flow of energies and to take part in the vast, vast cycles of life. Energy needs to flow to be naturally correct and doing as it is designed to do. What we need to do in order to move closer to what is called the 'even flow' of natural balance, is not to learn something new, but to re-learn to use the systems we were given correctly.

We all have the ability to block energy through the mechanism of thought and intention and we have used this to our own disadvantage as a species for many thousands of years at least. By definition, we all also have the ability to remove these blockages that are simply a side effect of living in a culture that seems blind to the Oceans of Energy. We all have energy bodies, and within these energy bodies the channels and systems exist to truly feast in the Oceans of Energy.

What it takes to make this happen successfully, and easily, is firstly and fore-mostly to pay attention to how energy exchanges work and manifest 'in the real world'.

Energy manifestations are simply everywhere and once we start to open our awareness of such straightforward examples as energy exchanges which exist between humans, and between a single human and their environment a great many things become very clear and obvious that never made any sense at all. Energy nutrition, i.e. the understanding and realization that our energy bodies have absolutely nutritional needs, in one of the aspects of this.

Further, even a base insight into this extraordinary realm will very quickly reveal which kinds of energies are missing, sorely needed, in desperately short supply in a persons body.

It is simply amazing how many previously insoluble problems become not only understood as to how they structurally function, but also how easy it is to find energetic solutions to what were in essence, always 'energetic problems' in the first place and thus could not be solved from other places or with physical/mental approaches at all.

The human energy body exists. It is real and many hold it to be the very foundation of 'all' physiological functioning in the long term. The topic of energy nutrition is one of the most exciting avenues of exploration leading to true, lasting changes in any individual's health, happiness and levels of satisfaction and achievement in their lifetime that has been discovered in many years.

We might just find that, after all, we live in a universe of total abundance that really does supply everything we need and more besides, and that its there for everyone simply for the taking.

This is an edited extract from Starving Amidst Oceans of Energy by Silvia Hartmann, PhD. This article was originally published in Positive Health, issue 85, February 2003 - www.positivehealth.com

Silvia Hartmann PhD is an experienced trainers trainer of Energy Therapies, author, international lecturer and speaker. She is also the Chair of The Association For Meridian Energy Therapies (the AMT). For more information about Dr Hartmanns work, please visit www.silviahartmann.com