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What is Healing?
by Norma Gentile

Physical levels of imbalance and disease must be addressed at all levels, physical emotional, mental and spiritual. In this way the healing current of spiritual energy pours undistorted through to the layers of aura to support continued well-being of the physical body. Each body is the vehicle for the expression of a soul's journey. Or as Hildegard put it 'The body is the garment of the soul, and it is the soul which gives life to the voice.

For this reason I experience illness not as the result of a system failure, but rather the soul choosing to learn a new ability.

My guides, including Archangel Michael, laugh at the concepts my human portion brings to questions of healing. For them as spiritual beings, physical healing is irrelevant. They see healing as transforming the abilities a soul has while in form in order to let those abilities rise into the spiritual levels. That is to say, as we learn, spirit learns. When we transform ourselves, the ability we used for that transformation moves as a gift to spirit.

As we tackle each issue, turning it over, debating whether it is more of this or more of that, we are preparing ourselves for a choice. Do we want to transform this issue? Or do we choose to step aside this time, and let it be as it is.

Each soul in each lifetime has a series of choices and goals. Not every issue presented to a soul is necessarily there for the soul to take on in that lifetime, or in that moment.

And so again, what is Healing?
from Archangel Michael

Healing is utilizing the power of connection for transformation. Physical healing, at its finest, occurs when the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the soul have understood and learned. When the issue is comprehended at these levels, the body has permission to reflect this learning. As humans, you also have the ability to support the body. When you support the body but lose track of your soul's desire to transform an issue, you become mired. There is a vast distinction between supporting the physical form while addressing the causal issue, and merely addressing the physical repercussions of that issue.

Spiritual energies are constantly bathing all beings, including you in form. These spiritual energies may move from the Earth into your energy field, as well as moving from Heaven and the surrounding space. When enough movement has occurred in an area of your auras that is perhaps a bit distorted or weak, (reflecting an issue or challenge your soul chose) the spiritual energies passing through will themselves become distorted. The messages they carry will no longer be clear.

This unclarity will continue, moving from the outer layers of the aura inward, until it reaches the physical body. Here is your last chance (while in form) to address and learn from the issue. Remember, you chose as souls to experience and learn while in form. The distortions and weakness in your auras merely reflect what your souls are choosing to learn from in this lifetime.

Diagnosing Diseases
from Norma

I believe that there are two very different systems for diagnosing disease available to most of you who are reading this now. Western Medicine, also known as allopathic medicine, developed primarily in the past one-hundred years in Western Europe and North America. It is the system of medical treatment most who live in these areas utilize. Then there are the traditional medicines of the Orient, such as acupuncture and herbs, along with those medicines practiced by indigenous tribes and shamans. As I see it, one primary distinction between them is in where the bars of health and illness are set.

Imagine health as a scale of ten to one. Ten is an ideal state of well-being. Five is a functional state, but one where only certain activities are done. At five the person doesn't recognize they are curtailing their activities, or assumes it is normal to not run/walk/have energy for some reason. At the lowest bar level, One, the physical body lies near to death.

I see the Eastern, Shamanic and Indigenous Medicine as placing the bar of health at about Nine. When any portion of your well being falls below this level, there is an action taken. Within Western Medicine, that action is not taken until the physical body is noticeably ill, closer to Four or Five on the scale. Because Western Medicine deals with the physical, it must wait until the distortion reaches strongly into the physical body and the body itself deteriorates. Then tests on the physical body will show that deterioration.

Because Shamanic, Eastern and Indigenous Medicine listens to the entire energy body, the distortion is noticed much earlier, and can begin to be addressed. In this way the process of the soul is supported as the issue is transformed.

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