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Sound Healing

Tibetan Monks have long understood the positive effect of sound healing through chant and mantras. Hindus too have for thousands of years used mantras with sanskrit sounds and colour visualization to balance the chakras and heighten consciousness.

Everything on earth has a vibration or frequency and in a healthy body or plant the frequency will be in harmony and of the same pattern. When we become ill, the body frequency is in disharmony and the pattern changes. All through life the body is absorbing pollution from the air we breathe, and toxins as a result of bad diet, stress, lack of exercise and negative experiences. Technology allows new holistic therapies to emerge for example vibrational sound therapy by Karen Grace.

Sound healing gives us the ability to tune the body and release negative energy. You can do this by listening to music from all around the world as each type of music is reflective of a particular energy centre, for example drum music would be great for the root chakra, flutes for the heart and repeatitive sounds for the throat. You could also learn to play an instrument such as quartz singing bowls or Tibetan bowls, work with tuning forks on the body or tone with your voice.

Everyone has the ability to use their voice for sound healing. Shirlie Roden recommends this simple exercise before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning. It will only take 5 minutes and allow you to connect to your innerself. Laying down, close your eyes and breathe in and out to the count of 4 for each breath. As you begin to relax, listen to your body. Whatever sound you hear, try to place where this is coming from and mimic the sound aloud. Notice how you feel. Thank your body for listening to you, open your eyes and rest for a few minutes.

Tingsha's or chimes as they are sometimes called, are used to signal the beginning and end of  meditations chants or mantras. You can also use them to clear negative energies from a room by hitting them together in each corner and centre of a room allowing the chime to disipate before chiming again..