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Musical DNA

Evolution of Sound
by Renee Brodie

The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future. Most of the different sound therapies utilize resonant harmonic frequencies. Within the last decade, the use of sound as a healing modality is coming more into focus in both the scientific and medical communities. There now exist such organisations as the International Society for Music in Medicine and the International Arts Medicine Association which draw together doctors, scientists and others working with sound as a therapeutic tool.

Interestingly, it is now known scientifically that the DNA is self-propagating. And it has its very own sound. As each cell sounds, it moves towards other cells and they congregate as it were, on the same note, making one glorious 'call'. This is your note. If scientists could pin down this idea it would be a great step forward and we could then base all healing on this note.

Larry Dossey, M.D. says: 'But the music transcribed from human DNA, e.g. from the body's receptor site for insulin is much more complex. To listeners knowledgeable about classical music, these DNA-based compositions have been taken variously for the music of Bach, Brahms, Chopin, and other great composers. These melodies are majestic and inspiring.

Many persons hearing them for the first time are moved to tears; they cannot believe their bodies, which they believed to be a mere collection of chemicals, contain such uplifting harmonies, that they are musical. Not only is it possible to make music starting with DNA, one can do the reverse; one can start with great pieces of music, assign nucleotides to the notes, and end up with a particular type of DNA. When a Chopin piece was transcribed into a chemical notation, sections of the resulting formula were the DNA of a human cancer gene. It seems that even cancers have their own music.'

We are moving towards acceptance of this idea. In the meantime, the key to finding your own note is to listen to the body. Sometimes it will be a ringing in the ears; other times a special piece of music attracts.

Sound therapy has evolved and can help us understanding our note(s). Through that understanding, each of us can begin to orchestrate with many others around us. It is the idea of letting the people sing to touch chords in each to bring true harmony not only to the people, but to the very Earth itself, and thus be instruments of transformation. The pathway now is to evolve with the sound of nature, which includes us and of Music of the Spheres. This includes the harmonies felt when the Crystal Bowls are played.

When we contemplate sound whether it is from the voice, or instruments, or nature, or from Crystal Bowls we feel its vibrations, and these are the main vehicles for the effect of sound. It is the vibrations which go forth to sound their notes and touch everyone, everything, everywhere.

Renee Brodie has given permission to use this extract from her book The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls and it is available in the Soothingminds online shop priced £16.99.