Colour Energy

    By Amanda Johnstone 
As you greet the morning
Smile with your eyes.

Smile with your toes
As you walk your path
And feel the grass beneath
Your feet.

If you meet someone
In anger, fear or pain;
Smile from your heart
As the tears
Course down your cheeks.

And if
As you walk together
You can show them how to
Smile as they feel
The grass beneath their feet,

You will then smile from deep within your soul.

August 2004


My name is Amanda Johnstone, I'm 38 years old and currently manage a boarding kennels and cattery in West Sussex. As well as taking over 100 dogs and 60 odd cats when we are full we also take the strays for the 3 local councils and where necessary find new homes for them.

We usually have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and occasionally parrots and budgies in our care - so we are kept pretty busy!!

bout 5 or 6 years ago I discovered an ability to connect with
my guides and those in spirit through tarot and spent a short
period working at mind, body, spirit fairs helping people
to reconnect with their guides and therefore rediscover their
life's purpose which is most fulfilling. The kennels take a
lot of my time now and so I only read for those who manage
to find me - I believe that if they are brought to my door
I have a duty to help.