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Here are some tools to help you better understand yourself . Find out how colour energy relates to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

You can download the colour meditation and chakra visualizations. Or, find guidance in a totally disassociated story. NLP offers inspriation to help others find their way. You select the topic and we will then send you your own personal story which will give you some inspiration or perhaps a different view point to consider.

Postiive affirmations are simple and over time do work. Focus on a positive statement and say this to yourself at least six times a day. This section will evolve as we develop other types of  tools that help us to know more about ourselves.

Grateful Living

By Dawn Mellowship


1.       Sit down comfortably, either on the floor in seiza (on your knees wit your bottom resting on your heels) or in agura (cross-legged) or on a chair. Make sure your back is straight. Place your hands in gassho (prayer position) in front of your chest.

  1. 2. Breathe in thorugh your nose slowly and deeply. As yo do this, visualise white Light from above you, as far up as the eye can see, entrering the crown of your head and shooting like a beam through your body, all the way into the ground as far down as the eye can see. So in effect, you have a rod of Light running throughout your body.
  2. Breathe out slowly through your mouth and allow this beam of pure white Light to expand widthways through and then outside your body, so you are sitting in a huge beam of white Light.
  3. Smile gently, just raising the corners of your  mouth and focus your attention on your two middle fingers, feeling them pressed lightly against each other. Concentrate on all the senseations this brings, whilst retaining focus on the Light within and surrounding you.
  4. Silently say to yourself, or out loud, twenty-one times, with meaning and purpose, “I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned. I am grateful for the pain; it was a blessing I earned.”
  5. Take a long, deep breath in through your nose, breathing in the beautiful whilt Light around you. As you breathe out through your mouth, push the dark negative energy out from your body, visualising black negative areas dislodging from your body and pouring out of your mouth.
  6. Breathe in and replace the dark areas wit the pure white Light aound you, then silently say to yourself, orout loud, even time, “I pray that the universe may convert this negative energy into positive Light.”
  7. Repeat steps 4 through to 7 as many times as you like for up to forty minutes
  8. When you have finished, bow to the Universe.

This is an extract from Dawn Mellowships book title Passage to Freedom published by O Books. ISBN 978-1-84694-078-1



This is an extract from Dawn’s book Passage to Freedom, a path to enlightenment. It is published by O Books and can be purchased via Amazon or the publishers distributor by emailing For more self empowerment and spiritual books visit