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Metatronic Healing

By Pippa Merivale

This is a new system, received in early 2007 by Pippa Merivale, an author and colour healer. Radical in its effects, it is spreading wide and fast.

The instruction Pippa received quite unexpectedly one morning was to “take the story out of the body energetically.” As all homoeopaths know, a remedy must be proved – preferably by oneself – before it is used on others. So Pippa proceeded to listen to the guidance she was given, experimenting with her own body, her own “story”. 

She was shown seven strands of light, new in that these were healing energies that presented themselves as colours and textures she had not seen or felt before; she very soon felt them given as a gift, a series of direct transmissions, fed into her crown and heart – and apparently there to stay.

These strands then took on a life of their own, acting in unison, as a vortex or a funnel, gently penetrating the body to uproot and remove old traumas and pains, along with an energy block that had affected her gut for over a decade, instantly transmuting them as she sensed them leaving the space.

As she continued to work with these strands of divine light, it became rapidly apparent to Pippa that the source of the instruction and transmissions was Metatron, about whom she had previously known very little; and that the events of “the story” were just the beginning. The method was soon applied to limiting beliefs, outworn thoughts, irrational phobias and fears; and also to entities, those disembodied energy forms that take up residence and drain the life force from  their unwitting hosts.

Previous lives came up for clearance. So did recurring family patterns of poverty and abuse. It was soon noticed, too, that as one person was cleared, family members often underwent a healing, even when they were continents apart. It was not long, either, before houses and environmental spaces added themselves to the list: clearances that went deeper than any of the work Pippa had done over twenty-odd years of working with the energies of humanity and the earth.
In response to demand, Pippa has set up a programme of workshops, which are held in South Africa and California, and around the UK. The first course, Level One Attunements, is a potent two-day healing experience for anyone: at its core are the first seven energy transmissions which are received at different points on the body and into the heart. These bring deep healing into the body, leading to a variety of releases and transformations. Individual and group clearances also benefit all attendees.

The two-day Practical workshop that follows this first course is open to existing therapists and healers and leads to certification. The second level of Metatronic Healing focuses less on clearance and more on restoring the strength and vitality of the physical body. The first course has yet to take place. Put simply, where the first level has taken out the old, the second will put in the new. This, like Level One, is a two-step process.

The entire programme and clinical practice is supported by potentised colour essences made expressly for Metatronic Healing by Pippa’s close colleague and friend, Melissie Jolly, whose colour healing system – Colourworks – has changed many lives over the last four years. Together, they are working to develop a deep and thorough understanding of what it is that Metatron is really offering us through this powerful new tool.

It was clear from the beginning that the initial thrust of this energy is to raise consciousness through opening hearts. This is the cornerstone of Metatronic teaching and practice. Open, active heart-centres are the bridge which allows heaven to express itself through us on earth. It is also increasingly apparent that the object of this work is to re-calibrate the human system so that it can hold more light.

It is hardly surprising, then, that the two sets of colours Pippa has received are perceived as “new” rays. We have been raising our frequencies for some years, as the heightening of consciousness across the planet comes closer to that possible point of critical mass. It seems that we are probably ready for something as powerful as this. Many people are experiencing this as a healing energy slightly similar to that of Reiki – but on a higher and substantially more dynamic vibration.

There has been unanimous feedback that Metatronic Healing transcends what has previously been available to us. Some people experience a few days of fall-out, a period when they may “feel it to heal it”, but the discomfort generally passes soon enough.

In Their Own Words
A few extracts from letters sent by students and clients may give you a bodily sense of what’s on offer:

“I can tell you Metatronic Healing is something else. It does what it says on the packet. It’s a way of working with people that seems to complete something we didn’t even know we were missing … The depth of clearing experienced by those on the course and the beauty and power of the ‘transmissions’ from the energies was profound. For myself and for the clients I’ve worked with I’ve found it to be swift, deep and most of all freeing.” Erica Connolly
“Metatronic Healing is probably the most powerful healing I have ever had except for Spiritual Surgery.  Whereas most other healing methods deal with the etheric and emotional bodies, symptoms soon return because the roots have not been removed from the physical body. Metatronic Healing does that. Archangel Metatron is so powerful and you get to establish another level of contact with his power and love.” Moira Bush

“Do you get the feeling that something is holding you back in life? Would you like to know what it is? Would you like to get rid of it? That is where I was before I did the course with Pippa.  You don't know what it is or where in the body it is, it may not just be one thing that is holding on to you  … Thank you so much Pippa for an amazing course.” Val Stirling

“This is powerful, it takes healing to a new level on this planet. I teach reiki and have felt for a while the energy was changing anyway, stronger, more powerful, but this goes way beyond that.” June Moore

“Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you are doing.  I love your teaching and I think it goes without saying that I'm loving the Metatronic Healing and Colourworks.  Its all phenomenal!  Its just so exciting to be a part of all that you are bringing through and I appreciate it and you more than words can say.” Suzi Crawford

“For many years I have had a lump on my right shoulder, where I have previously had cortisol injections for the pain. After taking it out in the metatronic session I no longer have a discernible lump! How wonderful is that. I worked with a client who felt like she had a neck brace on. By the end of the session it was gone and when I saw her on Saturday she was bouncing up and down with a free neck and more energy than she’s had for a long time. This is great stuff.”Janice Hughes Madden

“You have brought in such a precious, magical and profound healing gift for mankind. It has had huge effects on me and is at last allowing some good things to come into my life. Please take my heartfelt love and gratitude.”
Hazel Spinks

If you would like more information on classes and dates, visit Pippa’s website at www.color4power.com